Informing Design - In The Making

Design Anthropology is a more future-oriented, interventionist field of anthropology that is the culmination of decades of work in design and human-computer interaction, particularly in collaboration with participatory design, CSCW, ubiquitous computing, and user-centred design and drawing inspiration from participatory- speculative- and critical-design movements. Formalizing the relationship and developing new forms of speculative fieldwork and participatory methods meant to critically engage transient design concepts with existing and relevant sociocultural practices to better accommodate and inform iterative design processes.

Conducting strategic participant observation “of the possible” to analyze emerging practices and meaning-making in moments of change and innovation within design intervention and evaluation contexts.

Brandon Meyer

I am an aspiring design anthropologist (DA) and design researcher working at the intersection of codesign, transition design, speculative/critical design, ecological design, futures studies, and actor network theory as an ontological inquiry into proposed and alternative futures.

My approach to design is not as an anthropologist working in design or as a designer dabbling in anthropological theory, but to proactively engage design experiments with the realization that design is not merely a final, prescribed, solution to straightforward problems, but is a temporally and socially embedded arena that inhabits a wide range of perspectives of lived experiences where practices of use are continuously improvised and recontextualized.